Biometrics4ALL is a leading biometrics solutions company specialize in products and services for the Applicant Background Check, Law Enforcement Criminal Booking, and Biometrics Identity Management markets through the use of LiveScan technology. Our LiveScan4ALL product suite and LiveScan background check infrastructure have the industry's only fully encrypted (FBI certified FIPS 140-2 certified) data protection. Our intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), sophisticated business rule and workflow engines, and advanced software architecture enable us to provide our customers the most flexible, scalable, and user friendly biometrics solution. Over 1,500 customers across four continents have relied on our LiveScan solutions and fingerprint background check services over the past decade. Biometrics4ALL products and services are certified by governing agencies such as the FBI, California Department of Justice (Cal-DOJ), Florida Department of Law Enforcement, IL State Police, NV DPS, New York DCJS, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), Defense Security Service (DSS), etc. Additionally, Biometrics4ALL's LiveScan solution is compatible with all major brands of fingerprint and palmprint scanners on the market.


Simple, Convenient, Flexible

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Tenprint LiveScan Solution that captures fingerprints, photos, and digital signatures. Driver's license reader for fastest data entry. Managed by our CMS and integrates seamlessly with portal.


User friendly, Fast, and Rugged for Tenprint and Palmprint

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Rugged cabinet and fastest booking with data exchange with RMS, JMS, and AFIS/ABIS. Streamlined capture of tenprints, palmprints, mugshots, SMT, and digital signatures. Compatible with all major scanner brands.


Best Management and Archive Solution for your LiveScan Network

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Cloud technology for most effective centralized management, encrypted data communication and storage for maximum data protection, exceeds CJIS Security Policy requirements, and single point of data exchange.


Nationwide Service Centers Protect Your Data!

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One of the largest nationwide LiveScan service network providing convenient online payment, data entry, location search, driving direction, appointment setting, results review and download, and flxible secured data integration.


Simple, Convenient, Flexible.

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User Friendly iPhone Interface, Compatible with NEC NeoScan 45

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Mobile ID should be simple to use and extremely portable. Biometrics4ALL has developed a Mobile ID solution that provide an extremely user friendly interface on iPhones and is compatible with the NEC NeoScan 45 scanning device.