Over 2,000 agencies around the world rely on our Live Scan solutions to book arrested criminals and enroll applicants for background checks. Over 5 million people have trusted our Live Scan solutions and services to securely and accurately capture, store, and transmit their demographics, fingerprints, palmprints, photos, signatures, and DNA.

Identity thieves and hackers target personal information such as date of birth and social security numbers on a daily basis. While protecting personal information is essential, it can be replaced if stolen. Biometric information on the other hand is irreplaceable once compromised.

Biometrics4ALL is the industry leader in offering Live Scan fingerprinting products and services with infrastructure that provides unmatched data protection. Our advanced technology will minimize your liability risks associated with data breach, and keep your agency and valuable brand safe from negative publicity and enormous costs.

Applicant Live Scan Enrollment

Easiest and fastest tenprint live scan solution that securely captures demographics, fingerprints, photos, and digital signatures. Scan driver licenses for quick data entry. Integrated seamlessly with ApplicantServices.com web portal.

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Ruggedized with data exchange framework to easily integrate RMS, JMS, and AFIS/ABIS. Fastest capture of demographics, tenprints, palmprints, mugshots/SMTs, and digital signatures. Compatible with major scanner brands.

Central Management Server

Cloud based centralized management. Encrypted data storage and communication for fortified data protection. Exceeds CJIS Security Policy requirement. Automated invoicing, fund dissemination, and collection.

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Fingerprinting Services Portal

A nationwide LiveScan service network allowing applicants to securely enter data, search live scan locations, get driving directions, make appointments, view and download results, print forms, and pay. It also improves data accuracy, tracks transaction progress, and reduces wait time at the fingerprinting location.

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Live scan fingerprinting services adds incremental income and foot traffic. We can enable you to offer nationwide fingerprinting services. We look for partners who care about applicant convenience and provide courteous and professional services. Sign-up for this risk-free program today!


Mobile ID

Compact, secure, and easy to use Mobile ID for in-field identity verification, subject identification, suspect elimination, refugee identification, etc. Our iOS based Mobile ID seamlessly integrates with our CMS with encrypted communication and push technology. Compatible with NeoScan 45 scanner.

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