Mobile ID

Mobile ID should be simple to use and extremely portable. Biometrics4ALL has developed a Mobile ID solution that provide an extremely user friendly interface on iPhones and is compatible with the NEC NeoScan 45 scanning device. Our Mobile ID works seamlessly and securely with our Central Management Server (CMS) and it can also package and submit NIST compliant files directly to other back end systems. Mobile ID is designed to help in-field personnel to quickly capture fingerprints from subject with wide range of finger conditions (wet or dry) and attain a quick identification, verification, or subject elimination.

Up to 2 finger capture
  • FAP 45 compliant dual fingerprint capture
Capture Flats or Rolls
  • Can capture flat or roll impressions
Driver License Reader
  • Capture personal information from magnetic strip on the driver license or identification
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connection
  • Connect NeoScan45 by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Works with Laptop (MDC) or iPhone
  • Solution can be delivered via laptop or iPhone
Ultra-Portable and Light Weight
  • NeoScan45 weights less than 0.6 lbs.
  • Slightly bigger than an iPhone 6
NFIQ Evaluation
  • Fingerprints must pass NFIQ quality before acceptance
Long Battery Life
  • Power up to 200 scans per day
  • 24 hours of standby