Biometrics4ALL offers Live Scan fingerprint scanner products and background check services with unparalleled technology, data security, scalability, and flexibility. Our encrypted data security virtually prevents data breaches and reduces cyber security risks. Biometrics4ALL is an FBI Approved Channeler and our infrastructure has passed the most stringent FBI CJIS Security audits with a rare 100% conformance.

Over 3,000 agencies and 11 million applicants around the world have relied on our Live Scan systems for criminal arrests and fingerprint based background checks. Our online portal offers over 1,200 fingerprinting locations throughout the United States. We engineered advance software solutions and services that securely and accurately capture, store, and transmit personal information, fingerprints, palm prints, photos, signatures, and DNA.

Our Central Management Server infrastructure securely disseminates FBI Background Check (a.k.a. FBI Report) Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) that complies with the FBI CJIS Security requirements as well as the highly anticipated FBI Rapback service.

Biometrics4ALL is certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), California DOJ, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Clearinghouse (AHCA), Illinois State Police (ISP), Nevada Department of Public Safety (NV DPS), New York DCJS (OGS Contract), Washington State Patrol (WSP), etc.

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services offers one of the largest nationwide Live Scan fingerprinting service network for applicants to securely enter data, search live scan locations, get directions, make appointments, receive appointment reminders, view and download CHRI results, print forms, and pay. It is the industry’s only encrypted infrastructure designed to protect your irreplaceable personal information.

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Applicant Live Scan Systems

Most user friendly and fastest Live Scan system to quickly capture demographics, driver license data, passport data, fingerprints, photos, digital signatures, and other biometrics data. The only Live Scan system that encrypts all of the data to protect against data breach and minimizes your liability. Advanced quality control features to minimize rejections. Seamless integration with our online services infrastructure.

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Ruggedized Live Scan system for the fastest capture of booking data, demographics, tenprints, palmprints, mugshots, scars marks, tattoos, and digital signatures. Compatible with all major scanner brands such as Crossmatch, Identix (Morpho/IDEMIA), Suprema, Integrated Biometrics (IBT), i3. Electric powered height adjustable cabinet for OSHA compliance. Data exchange framework to easily RMS, JMS, and AFIS/ABIS integration.

Central Management Server

FBI CJIS Security Compliant server infrastructure (Store and Forward) for Live Scan and transaction management. FBI CJIS Security audited cloud service option to achieve 100% CJIS Security conformance. Encrypted data storage and communication with Advanced Authenticated (two-factor) CHRI web-based dissemination. Record seal and unseal role-based security. Centralized Live Scan configuration control and software upgrades.

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Become a Live Scan Provider

Join our nationwide network of Live scan providers. Live Scan services can add incremental income and foot traffic to your business. Only Biometrics4ALL provides a business model that enables you to offer our nationwide services as your own Live Scan network. We are actively seeking service partners who cares about the applicants, offers convenient location, and provides professional services. Sign-up today, Risk-Free!


FBI Rap Back and Court Disposition

Our CMS Server Infrastructure allows agencies to achieve FBI Rap Back integration and provide a “chaser” notification system for court disposition reconciliation. Our server infrastructure can be subscribed as a Cloud solution or physically implemented inside government’s IT infrastructure. It is the most secured long-term data storage and dissemination solution that exceeds CJIS Security using 256bit AES data encryption.

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