About Us

The 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center has forever changed the way government and its people view national and international security. Accurate identification of individuals is essential to a nation's ability to protect itself against terrorism. Matching on unique biometric features is the only unequivocal way to achieve dependable and accurate identification of individuals.

Biometrics4ALL Incorporated is a leading multi-biometrics technology company. We provide innovatively architected and rapidly adaptable LiveScan and identity management solutions, specifically designed to enable government agencies, public service companies, and system integrators to provide applicant background checks, identify, book, and release criminals and supply critical acquisition components to ID program such as voter registration, driver license issuance, visa/passport issuance, border security, US-VISIT, and EU-VIS.

Our mission is to provide every agency with the latest biometrics technology to improve homeland security and public safety services.

Our product line includes LiveScan, central management solution, fingerprint card scans, photo/mugshot capture, digital signature capture, iris image capture, Mobile ID, and card printing solutions. Our transaction routing, management, and payment/collection service provides efficient and cost effective background check processing with submissions and channeling to the FBI, OPM, Army G2, ABA, First Advantage, DSS, NIGC, NRC, OPM, TSA/TSC, and state agencies. Biometrics4ALL products meet all applicable FBI, RCMP, FIPS 201, FIPS 140-2, NCIC, Interpol, and ANSI/NIST standards.

Our flexible business logic engine, encrypted data protection, multi-language support, broad range of biometrics capture devices, strong customer base, excellent customer service, and the most advanced infrastructure enable us to lead the industry.

We believe in your ability to protect all of us; and we are working hard to earn your trust and confidence and build innovative products and services to make your job easier, faster, and more accurate.

Biometrics4ALL Team