Border Security

The war on terror and activities from mutineers, terrorists and other subversive groups continues to expand. Securing country boarders and obtaining technologies that separates assailants from innocent civilians is an important part of these initiatives. Biometrics4ALL offers biometrics acquisition solutions and middleware to help reduce deployment cost and simplifies integration, rollout, support, and change management for large projects. Our product’s advanced technology offer centralized and cloud enabled features that substantially reduce costs and risks for integrators and end users, these features include:

  • Large scale cloud managed workstations facilitating rapid replacement, centralized license management, and system configuration.
  • Industry’s only 256bit AES encrypted data storage and communication.
  • Industry’s only Context Sensitive Help Videos for large scale training and re-training.
  • Centrally view workstation screens for quick and accurate support.
  • Compatibility with all major hardware manufacturers’ equipment, including Crossmatch, Suprema, Integrated Biometrics, i3, NEC, and Morphotrak. If you are using other scanner brands, we can easily integrate additional manufacturers.
  • Centralized reporting regarding operator and workstation performance.
  • Advanced communication protocol that eliminates the need for VPN.

Our solutions can be used for:

  • Process travelers efficiently and confirm their identities
  • Identify threats and persons of interest
  • Proactively deter criminal and terrorist activity
  • Enhance national security
  • Protect citizens
  • Improve operational efficiencies at border crossings

Biometrics4ALL’s solutions can become an integral part of your border security initiatives and substantially reduce your large scale deployment cost and risk.