Credential Issuance

ID cards or credentials are only as trust worthy as its issuance process. Using biometrics technology substantially reduces potentials for duplicate, fraud, and false issuance of credentials such as national ID, health cards, driver’s licenses, and social welfare cards. Biometrics4ALL’s solution can play a substantial role to assist your agency in the ID Card or License Issuance projects. Our solutions can be used for:

  • Applicant online registration and demographic entry
  • Fee payment and collection
  • Applicant enrollment fingerprinting and photo capture
  • ID or License renewal or reissuance verification
  • Centralized secured data storage of private and personal information
  • Centralized data exchange with card issuance systems and AFIS/ABIS matching systems.

Our advanced software architecture enables us to provide a tailored operation quickly without the expensive cost of custom software development. Additionally, most of our maintenance plans includes all of the software upgrades (regardless of the version numbers), providing you with new features and capabilities on a regular basis.

Biometrics4ALL offers the industry’s only encrypted storage solution. If your storage is not properly encrypting the data or relying on database encryption, we strongly encourage you to consider upgrading it to our Central Management Server (CMS) solution before a catastrophic and costly security breach event occurs. Recently, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked by a foreign entity, and over 20 million federal employee’s unencrypted private data from credential clearance process was stolen. Consequently, OPM is required by Congress to pay for identity protection for millions of people costing millions of dollars and is expected to reach billions. We encourage you to talk to us as soon as possible to prevent this from happening to you.

We can help your agency to achieve a more streamlined and secured credential issuance process with substantial reduction in cost and risk for years to come.