Law Enforcement

Biometrics4ALL offers a full suite of LiveScan booking station and Mobile ID solutions for criminal booking, sex offender, custody registration/release, deceased processing, suspect elimination, criminal history clearance, and in-field booking and release. Our LiveScan offers a wealth of features designed to expedite processing, improve identification accuracy, reduce data entry, streamline operation, and enable maximum data security. Our Central Management Server (CMS) has the most advanced LiveScan management features and the industry’s only encrypted data storage.

Over 600 Law Enforcement Agencies around the world in 18 countries have taken advantage of our innovative LiveScan solution to digitally capture/process fingerprints, palmprints, mug shots, scars, marks, and tattoos, signatures, iris, DNA, and documents. These agencies include the New York State Police (NYSP), Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD), half of the country of Australia, and countrywide deployments in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and 13 countries in the Caribbean and South America.

We have extensive experience with data interfaces/exchanges with Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), Automated Biometrics Identification Systems (ABIS), Records Management Systems (RMS), Jail Management Systems (JMS), mugshot systems, internal IT developed RMS systems, etc. Our flexible and advanced business rules and workflow engines ensure data compliance and substantially reduce data rejections.

Our advanced software architecture enables us to provide a tailored operation quickly without the expensive cost of custom software development. Additionally, most of our maintenance plans includes all of the software upgrades (regardless of the version numbers), providing you with new features and capabilities on a regular basis. Effectively, if your LiveScan is maintained on a consistent basis, you will never have to re-purchase LiveScan software again. Furthermore, you will always be able to take advantage of the latest technology advancements since we are constantly incorporating the best of what technology has to offers.

Over the past decade, we maintain a hardware agnostic position in the market place, which allows us to offer the best biometrics capture devices (e.g. scanners) based on your budget, operation, and standards. We offer fingerprint and palmprint scanners from hardware manufacturers such as Crossmatch, Suprema, Integrated Biometrics, NEC, i3, and MorphoTrak. Our software is also compatible with most of the older scanners operating in the field, allowing us to help many agencies extend their past LiveScan investments while taking advantage of our innovative LiveScan software (ask our sales representative for details on how we can help you in a similar way).

Biometrics4ALL offers the industry’s only encrypted storage solution. If you are still using the traditional Store and Forward Server or NIST Archive Server, it is time to seriously consider upgrading to our CMS solution before a catastrophic and costly security breach event occurs. Recently, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked by a foreign entity, and over 20 million federal employee’s unencrypted private data was stolen. Consequently, OPM is required by U.S. Congress to pay for identity protection for millions of people costing millions of dollars and is expected to reach billions. We encourage you to talk to us soon to prevent this from happening to your agency.

We are confident that our biometrics acquisition and central management solutions can help your agency. We look forward to becoming your technology partner.