Live Scan Background Check

Biometrics4ALL has over a decade of experience in processing Live Scan fingerprint based background checks. Our network of over 1,400 Live Scans has processed over 4 million applicants with a low rejection rate of less than 1.8% for tenprints, and less than 0.1% for flat ID. Biometrics4ALL is an authorized FBI Channeler and one of the only agencies that have been certified by the FBI for CJIS Security Policy v5.x compliance. Additionally, Biometrics4ALL is the only Live Scan company that encrypts your sensitive personal information at all times. We are absolutely committed to continue building the most secured solution in the industry and never allow your sensitive data to be compromised.

Our Live Scan Fingerprinting Service portal allows applicants to purchase fingerprinting services, enter demographics, select Live Scan service center, make appointments, and view FBI rap sheet securely. Additionally, our Live Scan services contract management feature allows centralized billing and collection, data entry enforcement, consolidated reporting, and pre-processing notifications for larger organizations such as Covered California, financial institutions, etc. We also offer “White Labeled” web portals for our key partners with their unique logo, web content, and color scheme. Ask our sales representative on how you can become one of our valued partners. currently offers Live Scan services by hundreds of our Service Affiliate Members (SAM). We are actively expanding our service network. So, if you are a store owner and wish to add an additional income stream to your retail business, please complete the prequalification survey using this link:

Recently, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked by a foreign entity, and over 20 million federal employee’s unencrypted private data from the background check process was stolen. Consequently, OPM is required by Congress to pay for identity protection for millions of people costing millions of dollars and is expected to reach billions. If you are currently using any other Live Scan fingerprinting products or services, we encourage you to rethink about the potential cost of such security breach.

Biometrics4ALL has helped over 2,200 entities around the world in 18 countries to take advantage of our innovative Live Scan solution. These agencies include California Department of Justice, Covered California (Cal-DOJ), California Department of Social Services, all of the County of Los Angeles, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), financial institutions, healthcare organizations, the New York State Police (NYSP), Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD), half of the country of Australia, and countrywide deployments in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and 13 countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Over the past decade, we maintain a hardware agnostic position in the market place, which allows us to offer the best biometrics capture devices (e.g. scanners) based on your budget, processing volume, and standards. We offer fingerprint scanners from hardware manufacturers such as Crossmatch, Suprema, Integrated Biometrics, NEC, i3, and MorphoTrak. Our software is also compatible with most of the older scanners operating in the field, allowing us to help many agencies extend their past Live Scan investments while taking advantage of our innovative Live Scan software (ask our sales representative for details on how we can help you in a similar way).

As the industry leader in Applicant Live Scan market, we are confident that we can help you with all of your business needs related to fingerprint background check.