• Background Check LiveScan
  • Fastest Applicant Processing
  • Encrypted Personal Data
  • Wide Range of Scanner Selection
  • Fastest Data Entry
  • Advanced Contract Management Infrastructure
Biometrics4ALL offers the best LiveScan product for the fingerprint based background check market. Our Applicant LiveScans have been used to process over 5 million applicants over the years and we have over 50% market share in the State of California. If you want the fastest and most intuitive LiveScan solution; look no further, contact us today to find out why thousands of customers select us over other vendors. Click here to find out more…

  • Tailored Workflow for Your Operation
  • Real-Time Data Validation
  • Encrypted PII and CHRI Data Protection
  • Wide Range of Scanner Selection
Biometrics4ALL offers the best Criminal Booking LiveScan Workstation. We have helped over 600 Law Enforcement Agencies around the world in 18 countries to improve their operation and speed up bookings. Our Booking Station can be used to capture tenprints, palmprints, mug shots, scars, marks, and tattoos, signatures, iris, DNA, and supporting documents. Our extensive experience with data integration can help minimize redundant data entry and data sharing. Our LiveScan software is compatible with over 90% of the scanners in production. Additionally, if you like our software solution, we can help you obtain it without a full replacement and potentially extend your past LiveScan investment. We look forward to becoming your LiveScan technology partner. Click here to find out more…

  • Auto Face Find Technology
  • Fastest SMT Cataloging
  • NCIC SMT Description Entries
  • Encrypted Personal Data
  • SLR Camera Support
  • Add-on Module to Any of Our LiveScans
Biometrics4ALL offers the industry’s fastest, easiest, and most intuitive mug shot and scars, marks, and tattoos capture system. Our auto face find technology enables capture of subject of varying height without camera adjustment. Using our Rapid SMT Cataloging feature encourages operator to capture meaningful SMT photos and descriptions to truly contribute to forensic research. Click here to find out more…

  • Fastest and Most Accurate Data Transfer
  • Intuitive Card Layout Configurable by Users
  • Complete Sequence Checking to Minimize Rejections
  • Electronic Submission for Faster Response
Biometrics4ALL’s Card Scan Workstation offers agencies the most intuitive way to process fingerprint cards. Our design will help you quickly and accurately transfer descriptor data, fingerprints, palmprints, and photos from cards to electronic submission. While we strongly encourage you to look for a LiveScan solution instead of card processing; if you are still processing cards, we have the industry’s most user friendly Card Scan solution. Click here to find out more…

  • Wireless and Cellular Submission
  • Rapid In-field Responses
  • Single or Multi-Fingerprint Capture
  • Photo Capture
  • NEC NeoScan45 Capture Device
  • iPhone Application
  • FAP 45 Fingerprint Sensor
  • Integrated NFIQ Quality Check
  • Driver License Reader
  • Disposition Notes
  • Quick history filters

  • Transaction Store and Forward
  • NIST Archive (Encrypted Data Storage)
  • Centralized 3rd Party Interoperability
  • Operator and LiveScan Performance Management
  • LiveScan Management via Our Unique Cloud Technology
  • Centralized LiveScan Support Features
  • Intrusion Protection via IP Banning Technology
Biometrics4ALL’s Central Management Server (CMS) is an all-encompassing management server. Our CMS is the only transaction storage in the industry that actually encrypts Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) data without relying on easily compromised protection such as hard drive encryption or database encryption. The CMS functions as the brain of the central nervous system for your LiveScan fleet. The CMS knows what each LiveScan has done, its configuration settings, last counters, operator preferences, computer and peripheral information, etc. The CMS can relay all communication between the LiveScans it manages and all 3rd party systems such as AFIS, ABIS, RMS, and JMS. LiveScans can request proper configuration from the CMS and makes LiveScan service replacement a simple task. If your environment consists of 5 or more LiveScans or have more than one interfaces, CMS is a must have for your agency. Click here to find out more…

  • Civilian Transaction Billing Infrastructure
  • Automatic Invoice Billing
  • Automatic Payment Collection via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Credit Card
  • Complete Centralized Contract Management
  • Secured Applicant Processing Web Portal
  • Maximum Personal Data Protection with 256bit AES Encryption
Biometrics4ALL’s Applicant Fingerprinting Services Infrastructure is the best civilian processing solution for LiveScan Background Check, Secured Credential Issuance, Visa/Passport Processing, National ID projects, etc. Our applicant services infrastructure can help you ensure accurate billing and payment collection automatically and on-time without extensive and expensive manual labor. If you process civilians or collect payments, this is a must have solution for you. Do not let another month go by on wasting your valuable resources on chasing after payments or conducting wasteful transaction research. Let us help you solve this mystery once and for all. Click here to find out more…