Card Scan Form / Scan Workstation

Biometrics4ALL’s CardScan is one of the industry’s most user friendly card and form scanning solution. Our CardScan software scans the card using an FBI certified flatbed scanner, then extracts sections of the card for rapid data conversion and fingerprint/palmprint extractions. Our proprietary image enhancement algorithm is one of the best the FBI has tested. Fingerprint segmentation and sequence comparison is performed to ensure accurate finger sequencing prior to submission. Scanned and processed data and image can be packaged for electronic submission to expedite card processing turnaround time.

Best Fingerprint / Palmprint Image Enhancement Algorithm
  • Our proprietary image enhancement algorithm significantly improves image quality.
Card Section Extraction
  • Snippets of the card sections are placed below each data entry field for quick conversion.
Cost Effective Solution for Card Processing
  • Commercially available COTS FBI Certified flatbed scanners
Quick Card Reference
  • Quickly jump to the original card for valuable overview
Fingerprint Sequence Checking
  • Perform slaps segmentation
  • Verify fingerprint sequence
Fingerprint / Palmprint Quality Assessment
  • Evaluate fingerprint and palmprint quality
  • Card layout screen that provide a What You See is What You Get presentation for accurate definition
FBI Certified
  • FBI Certified Card Scan Solution

  • Fastest and Most Accurate Data Transfer
  • Intuitive Card Layout Configurable by Users
  • Complete Sequence Checking to Minimize Rejections
  • Electronic Submission for Faster Response