Applicant Background Check Live Scan

If you are looking for the right LiveScan for Applicant Background Check processing; look no further, we have the most cost effective and the best Applicant LiveScan solution. Our LiveScan system is the most intuitive to learn and has built-in context sensitive instructional/help videos to provide instantaneous assistance when you need it. Additionally, our software is compatible with virtually all fingerprint scanner hardware in use or sold in the industry; therefore, we can offer you an unbiased opinion of which scanner hardware suits you the best based on your budget and expectations. Biometrics4ALL’s Applicant LiveScan solution is certified by the FBI, FINRA, Transportation Authority (AAAE/TSC), National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), First Advantage, Cal-DOJ, NV DPS, FDLE, AHCA, IL ISP, NY DCJS, GBI, etc. Greater than 90% of prospective customers chose our LiveScan solution over all other competitors. We are confident that once you learned more about our solution, its functionalities and advantages, you will come to the same conclusion.

Descriptor Profile
  • Fill multiple text fields with a single click
  • Customizable by operator
Select from Multiple Capture Attempts
  • Select from your best capture attempt
  • Stored even after submission
Driver License Reader
  • Fill-in all personal info with a single swipe
  • Magnetic Strip or 2D barcode options
Automatic Submission Upon Internet Connection
  • Transaction will automatically submit upon re-establishing Internet connection
Real-time Submission
  • Transactions are submitted immediately
  • No wait time for statuses
Complete Fingerprint Quality Evaluation
  • NIST Fingerprint Image Quality rating
  • Too light or dark warnings
  • Insufficient roll warning
Full Business Rule Enforcement
  • Immediate feedback on data entry errors
  • Invalid characters will be automatically removed
Save Transaction to Complete Later
  • Save incomplete transactions and finish it later
Automatic Payment Calculation
  • Automatically calculate the appropriate government and fingerprinting fees
Appointment Setting
  • Online Appointments for Service Affiliate Members via

Crossmatch - Guardian
  • Best Image Quality
  • Can Capture from Wet Fingers
  • Fastest Capture Time
  • Harden Glass for Durability
  • Simple and Most Flexible Capture Technique
  • USB Powered

Crossmatch - Patrol
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Fast Capture Time
  • Harden Glass for Durability
  • Simple and Most Flexible Capture Technique
  • Most Cost Effective
  • USB Powered

Identification International Inc. (i3) – DigID Mini
  • Lowest Priced
  • Good Image Quality
  • USB Powered

Suprema – RealScan G10
  • Water Resistant (IP 54 Water Protection)
  • Very Cost Effective Scanner
  • Slightly Larger and Heavier
  • USB Powered

Integrated Biometrics - Kojak
  • Best Dry Finger Capture
  • New Technology (TFT)
  • Non-Optical Capture Surface
  • Smallest and Lightest Scanner ~(4” X 4” X 3”)
  • USB Powered