Applicant LiveScan Fingerprinting Services Infrastructure

Biometrics4ALL has serviced the Applicant LiveScan Fingerprinting Services market for over a decade. We have processed over 4 million applicants and are currently managing over 1,400 LiveScans on a single network processing over 800,000 transactions annually. Our unique LiveScan fingerprinting services infrastructure is designed to eliminate manual actions, ensure financial billing and collection, minimize data entry errors, expedite applicant processing, manage a complex value contributor environment, and ensure the best overall applicant and stakeholders’ experience.

Biometrics4ALL is the only LiveScan fingerprinting services partner you can trust to protect your sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) data. After all, you cannot change your fingerprints! Our service solution is the only one that could have prevented the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 20+ million unencrypted PII data loss. Do not risk this critical service with any other vendor and face the financial consequences as OPM is faced with potentially billions of dollars expense.

Encrypted Data Storage and Communication
  • Encrypt data with 256bit AES FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm on the LiveScan, the server, and all communications
Automated Billing and Collection
  • Automatically send out monthly invoices, collect money from due parties, and pay money to due parties directly using ACH with credit card backup
Sophisticated Contract Management
  • Ability to manage many service contracts at variable fees, process, and fingerprint types
  • Automatically insert appropriate data based on the Contract
On-line Flexible Scheduling
  • Schedule and modify appointment online
  • Service Centers define their service hours, throughput and frequency.
Online Google Map and Driving Direction
  • Perform Service Center lookup using built-in Google Map and attain driving direction
Online Credit Card Payment
  • Transaction Fee payment using credit card
Walk-in Service
  • Allow walk-in service without appointment
Flat-ID or Standard Tenprint Capture Method
  • Capture the faster 4-4-2 fingerprint method
  • Capture traditional tenprint (flats and rolls)
On-site Payment Collection Option
  • Allow applicants to pay for transaction at the LiveScan facility
Fastest Applicant Processing Software
  • Up to Less than 15 seconds for Flat-ID
  • Less than 1 minute for Tenprint