Central Management Server (CMS)

Biometrics4ALL designed our Central Management Server (CMS) to function as the brain of the LiveScan fleet. CMS communicates with our LiveScans securely and can perform many useful functions such as software upgrades, LiveScan configurations, replacement computer configuration restorations, broadcasting messages, pick list table updates, performance management, remote support functions, license management, and 3rd party system data exchange. Biometrics4ALL is currently using our own server to manage ~1,400 LiveScans on a single network, processing ~800,000 transactions each year, and performed tens of thousands of automated software upgrades. Most importantly, our CMS is the only solution in the industry that encrypts all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Criminal History Records Information (CHRI) data without relying on database encryption or hard disk encryption. Our CMS encrypted data storage is the only solution that could have prevented the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 20+ million unencrypted PII data loss.

Encrypted Data Storage and Communication
  • Encrypted with 256bit AES FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm
Encrypted Data Search
  • Proprietary Encrypted Data Search Algorithm
Secured 2-way Communication with LiveScans
  • Enables push and pull data exchange
Performance Management Tools and Reports
  • LiveScan and Operator Performance monitoring and management
Controlled Software Upgrades
  • Centrally controlled software releases and table updates
Transaction Monitoring
  • Real-time monitor of server processing health
Comprehensive Data Storage and Retrieval
  • View/retrieve 500ppi fingerprint, palmprint images, JPEG photos, digital signatures, iris images, descriptors, etc.
Multi-Tier Implementation
  • Leverage our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to deploy on multi-tiered servers and virtualized replication
IP Banning Technology
  • Automatically ban IP Addresses upon unrecognized service requests
Remote Support Features
  • Ability to view any LiveScan screens without dialing into the LiveScan computer