Criminal Booking Fingerprint Scanners

Biometrics4ALL is a high-tech company with our own core Live Scan technologies and algorithms. Hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the world rely on Biometrics4ALL’s Live Scan booking stations. Our customers include New York State Police, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, 13 countries in the Caribbean, etc. Our Live Scan booking station is the fastest solution in the world with the most comprehensive and flexible features tailored for your operation and booking process. Our Central Management Server (CMS) enables you to manage a large Live Scan fleet with ease. We know officers love our booking stations, managers leverage our oversight and support features, and finance appreciate our pricing model and consistent maintenance plans. We are confident that when you take a deeper look at our Live Scan solution, you will know that our Live Scan4ALL 4th Generation booking station is the right solution for your agency.

Descriptor Profile
  • Fill common charges and multiple fields with a single click
  • Customizable by you
Select from Multiple Capture Attempts
  • Select from your best capture attempt
  • Stored even after submission
Full Business Rule Enforcement
  • Immediate feedback on data entry errors
  • Invalid characters will be automatically removed
Automatic Submission Upon Internet Connection
  • Transaction will automatically submit upon re-establishing Internet connection
Real-time Submission
  • Transactions are submitted immediately
  • No wait time for statuses
Complete Fingerprint Quality Evaluation
  • NIST Fingerprint Image Quality rating
  • Too light or dark warnings
  • Insufficient roll warning
3 Point Lighting Alternative
  • Minimum shadow and hot spot when 3 point lighting is not feasible
Palmprint Quality Evaluation
  • One of the only software with palmprint quality ratings
Save Transaction to Complete Later
  • Save incomplete bookings and finish it later
  • Data auto saved at all times
Driver License Reader
  • Fill-in all personal info with a single swipe
  • Magnetic Strip or 2D barcode options
WYSIWYG Print Card/Form Layout
  • Card/form layout screen that provide a What You See is What You Get presentation for accurate design
Central Broadcast Bulletin
  • Push messages from our CMS to the Live Scan in real-time.
FBI Appendix F Certified
  • All scanners offered are FBI Appendix Certified
Biometrics4ALL Algorithms
  • Our own core algorithms
  • No 3rd party royalties

LS4G Electronically Height Adjustable Cabinet
  • Industry’s widest range height adjustment
  • Electric powered movement
  • Open work surface for paperwork
  • All steel cabinet for maximum ruggedness
  • Glossy and robust paint finish
  • Designed for touchscreen operation
  • Convenient service doors and panels
  • Dual foot pedal for convenient scanner control
  • Camera and flash enclosure
  • Electronic signature pad surface
  • Quick scanner release
  • Electric fan for increased circulation and cooling

Crossmatch – LScan 1000
  • Best Fingerprint and Palmprint Image Quality
  • New USB Interface
  • 1,000ppi Image for 3rd Level Detail
  • Harden Glass for Durability
  • Optional Silicone Pad for Improved Dry Print Capture
  • Simple and Most Flexible Capture Technique
  • Magnesium Alloy Casing
  • Best Tenprint and Palmprint Scanner on the Market

Crossmatch – LScan 500
  • Great Fingerprint and Palmprint Image Quality
  • New USB Interface
  • 500ppi Image
  • Harden Glass for Durability
  • Optional Silicone Pad for Improved Dry Print Capture
  • Magnesium Alloy Casing
  • Simple and Most Flexible Capture Technique

Suprema – RealScan F
  • Water Resistant (IP 54 Water Protection)
  • Lowest Price Palm Scanner
  • Good Image Quality
  • Cost Effective Scanner
  • Plastic Casing
  • Lightest Palmprint Scanner
  • USB Connection