Photo/Mugshot and SMT Capture Station / Module

Quality photo/mugshot and scars/marks/tattoo (SMT) images are an important part of the forensic database. Biometrics4ALL’s photo/mugshot workstation provides an intuitive user interface, fast photo capture, auto face detection, and rapid SMT photo cataloging. Additionally, each photo and SMT can be augmented with NCIC photo details for future forensic value. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends proper 3 point lighting for photo capture. However, in some circumstances, the facility does not permit such implementation; Biometrics4ALL’s solution offers a high powered commercial grade ring flash that can produce similar low shadow and minimum hot spot photos. Our solution can capture SAP 32 or 42 facial recognition quality level photos.

Automatic Face Detection – 4.5ft to 7ft
  • Automatically find the subject’s face without camera adjustments
Automatic Face Cropping
  • Crop the face image to the appropriate SAP 32 or SAP 42 standards
Minimum Pixel Validation
  • Verify the photo contain enough pixels for proper SAP levels
Automatic Face Leveling
  • Level the photo to ensure horizontal eye level
ICAO and NIST Compliant
  • Conforms to International Civil Aviation Organization and NIST standards
Rapid SMT Cataloging
  • Quickly crop multiple SMT images from a single photo
3 Point Lighting Alternative
  • Minimum shadow and hot spot when 3 point lighting is not feasible
Distant Iris Capture
  • Capture iris images at 18” to 24” distance
Multiple Photo Positions
  • Capture front, left, right, and/or 45 degree photo images
Auto Brightness Adjustment
  • Automatically adjust live view brightness for improved face detection
High Resolution Digital SLR Camera
  • 18 MPx DSLR Camera
  • Live video streaming
  • Excellent light sensitivity
  • Best photo quality
  • SAP 42 compliant photos

Web Camera
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Acceptable Photo Quality
  • Quick capture
  • Easy mounting

Commercial Grade High Power Ring Flash
  • Minimize shadows and hot spots
  • Effective distance from 4ft to 30ft
  • Not impacted by other light sources (e.g. side windows)
  • Durable flash bulbs
  • Optimal color temperature
  • AC powered

On-lens Ring Flash
  • Minimize shadows and hot spots
  • Light weight, lens mount
  • Effective distance up to 3ft
  • Can be impacted by other light sources
  • Battery powered with auto shut-off

Short Distant Iris Scanner
  • Capture Iris with near infrared light source
  • Automatic eye detection
  • 18” to 24” iris capture
  • Simultaneous color photo capture